Adult Private Lesson

The fastest way to learn & improve your tennis!

Get Private lesson at Hilton Tokyo! Private lessons offer you a chance to improve your tennis skills faster and learn at own pace. Jinji tennis creates a customized lesson plane tailored to your tennis & fitness level.

Development Class

Aimed for beginner tennis players, Or people who play tennis for fun.

Performance Class

Aimed for tennis players who are intermediate or advance and play tennis on regular basis and would like to maintain and improve their game.

Time & Location

Monday - Sunday 7:00 - 21:00

at hilton tokyo tennis court

Court surface: Hard

Adults 60 minutes 90 minutes
1 person ¥9,596 ¥13,754
2 persons ¥6,180 ¥8,629
3-6 persons ¥4,884 ¥6,626

Hilton Facilities

Locker room, spa & sauna, free parking for 210 minutes

Voices From Students

"Thanks Shai.
I don't think I can do without tennis any more. It's becoming one of my passions that I will fellow for life. Thank you so much for getting me where I am now and I will remember all the little tips I have received here and implement them in my game to make it even better. Hopefully I can find some good coaches like we have at Jinji center back in India. Thank you again."