Junior Elite

High Performance Training

The Junior Elite program is aiming for a long-term commitment to training and development that is required to produce elite tennis players. A well-planned training program will ensure optimum development throughout a tennis player's career. Ultimately, success comes from training and performing well over the long-term rather than winning in the short-term.

The goals of the Elite program are to discover, train and support young tennis players for regional and international tennis tournaments.

For Juniors aged 13 - 16 years old


Monday, Friday & Tuesday: 17:00 - 18:30


¥6,000 / 90mins-Lesson


Hilton Tokyo Tennis Court

Program Feature

  1. 16 monthly hours of intense singles and doubles training.
  2. 6:1 Student / Teacher
  3. Learn advacned techinques for all strokes, mental toughness and doubles and singles patter of play.
  4. 2 hours of instructions, drills and simulated match play. Including a challenge ladder to take your progress.

Our program will include:


  • Focus on body strength and agility.
  • Players improve explosive movements with power and speed training
  • Exercises are specific and attempt to work with players style of play.
  • There is an emphasis on muscular and cardiovascular development.


  • Stroke development techincal & tactical.
  • Emphasis is on imrpoving shot selection, combinations and point play.
  • Players will improve their knowledge of the game and their style of play.

Strategy & mental

  • Match play is used to evalutate the strenghts and weaknesses fo the players game.
  • Training is designed to simulate match condition to maximize adaptations.
  • Drills are slow. Practices are long (high volume).