After School Program

JINJI International sprots Activities is a company based in Tokyo. J.I.S.A was established in 2002 with the aim to teach different sports as international schools as after school programs. We aim to give a chance to children to explore new sports as school, to give the children a platform for self-expression through sports, and to increase options for the child of choosing the best sport that fit them.

Offered Program (PTR - Under 12 Junior Program)

Grade 1 - 4

Friday 15:30 - 16:30

Grade 5 - 8

Friday: 16:30 - 17:30

Under 14 years old

Friday : 17:30-18:30


¥3,000 / per Lesson


ISSH Tennis Court

International School of the Sacred Heart
4-3-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012

  • Rackets and balls supplied by JISA staff
  • All classes maximum 6 students

jinji tennis teaches tennis using the ITF Progression Method, designed to be constructive and fun all at once. During the first stage, RED 1, the kids will discover: tennis terms, motor skill, forehand and bachand, basic serve, and volley. At the end of the term all students will be tested for a RED 1 tennis certificate. Each child at the first class will recieve a letter for their parents that will explains our teaching system.

Don't miss the chance to give your child a start, learning the great game!