Adult Beginners Group Lesson

Fitness & Tennis!

The adult's mix group lessons are aimed for the social tennis players who would like to meet new people and have fun while playing tennis. The lesson covers more group oriented tennis drills with our aim to hit as many tennis balls as possible by using different drills to accomplish a good tennis work out. The students will be able to take certification Tennis level test.

Player levels

2.0 - 2.5

(See our Progression System)

Time & Location

Sunday 16:00 - 17:20

Tuesday 19:00 - 20:20

At Hilton Tokyo Tennis Court

Court Surface: Hard

Max students: 6


¥5,960 / Lesson

Hilton Facilities

Locker room, spa & sauna, free parking for 210 minutes.

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Voices From Students

"Dear Shai.
Thank you for your nice lesson in last Saturday. Your method of tennis impressed me so fit such as running and backhand hiding."

Thank you for teaching me new things on the court. I still need lots of practice and wasn't playing well today, but enjoyed learning. Great to have a coach who can hit and teach :)